“Insulting” – Facebook bans Bakers Delight’s Pink Bun campaign

"Insulting" - Facebook bans Bakers Delight's Pink Bun campaign
“Insulting” – Facebook bans Bakers Delight’s Pink Bun campaign

Breast cancer survivors are taking aim at Facebook, after the social media giant banned franchise chain, Bakers Delight’s Pink Bun campaign.

As part of Bakers Delight’s ongoing partnership with the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), the brand rolled out the fundraising campaign earlier this month.

Under the campaign, Bakers Delight franchisees donate 100 per cent of the proceeds from the sale of their Pink Fun Buns and $1 from every six-pack of rolls to the BCNA.

Last year, Bakers Delight’s Pink Bun campaign raised $1.6m for the not-for-profit organisation, but it’s a Facebook ban that is threatening to put proceeds at risk.

Pink Bun Facebook ban

The images in Bakers Delight’s Pink Bun campaign, which feature topless women and men holding buns and rolls over their breasts are designed to highlight the real impact of a breast cancer diagnosis.


However, despite previously approving the pictures, Facebook has now backflipped, stating that the images are in violation of its partial nudity policy.

Kristen Pilatti, BCNA chief executive said she was deeply saddened by the ban.

“We are disappointed that Facebook is inconsistent in its approval of Bakers Delight’s advertising campaigns,” Pillati told Inside Franchise Business.

“Bakers Delight’s dealings with Facebook had been encouraging throughout the approval process, the change of heart is both unexpected and disappointing.”

Pilatti suggested that the ban highlighted the issues that breast cancer survivors face on a daily basis.

“To have accepted advertising dollars for Pink Buns but not Rolls despite the images of our survivors being identical is at best non sensical and at worst threatens the success our single biggest fundraiser,” she said.

Breast cancer survivor Kate Murray, who features in the campaign said she was left dumbfounded by the Facebook ban.

“It’s insulting that they’d ban them when they live stream mass murder and anti-Muslim rhetoric and homophobic diatribes,” she told Seven’s Sunrise.

“It’s insane that they’d ban something so beautiful and thoughtful and supportive as this campaign.”

Breast cancer survivor Kate Murray in Bakers Delight's Pink Bun campaign | Inside Franchise Business
Breast cancer survivor Kate Murray in Bakers Delight’s Pink Bun campaign | Inside Franchise Business


Bakers Delight’s Pink Bun campaign

This year’s Pink Bun fundraiser marked the 19th year of Bakers Delight’s partnership with BCNA. The proceeds raised help the organisation continue to provide free support to all Australians affected by breast cancer.

In 2019, approximately 19,535 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking earlier this month, Elise Gillespie, CEO of Bakers Delight said she was proud of the long-standing partnership.

“All Bakers Delight franchisees donate the cost of ingredients and their time baking the goods to ensure 100 per cent of Pink Bun sales go directly to the BCNA,” Gillespie said.

“Best friends don’t just happen overnight, we put a lot of time and energy into this campaign because we really believe in it.”

BCNA is urging Facebook to reconsider its decision.