Express model for Hog’s Australia

Inside Franchise Business: a new express model is broadening the Hog's Australia offerHog’s Australia’s Steakhouse has launched its new generation of restaurant, Hog’s Express, in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD in the Myer Centre.

CEO Ross Worth said the time was right to introduce a quick service model that allows customers to grab Hog’s favourites on the go.

“We know that consumers are increasingly busy and looking for quick, accessible and inexpensive food options so we’re incredibly excited about the future of this model, and the versatility it affords us to pop up anywhere from shopping centres and petrol stations, to airports and cinemas,” said Worth.

The Hog’s Express model has attracted huge interest from potential franchisees, so it’s expected that this new generation of store could soon surpass the 28 year-old full-service Hog’s Australia restaurant model.

Worth is also expecting a significant increase in the annual 8 million customers.

“There are a massive number of opportunities in this space and we have a world-class offering, so the Express model could easily overtake our restaurant portfolio in numbers,” he said.

“We invested heavily in research and development to ensure we were delivering a premier product, from the store design and atmosphere, to the menu which incorporates both old favourites and new flavours, down to the technology we’re utilising.”

The Express menu signals a clear departure from the traditional restaurant fare with a burger selection that includes Mac & Cheese, Pork Belly, Southern Chicken, Calamari & Whiting, Tex-Mex and Crispy Vegetarian.

Loyal Hog’s Squad members will be rewarded with 15% off burgers at all Express locations.

Hog’s Express uses an iPad for customer ordering and offers power and charging devices storewide for customers who choose to dine in.

General Manager, Geoff Hargreaves, who has a wealth of Hog’s brand experience including as national development manager and as a franchisee, is running the concept store.

Worth said Hargreaves will be responsible for driving the new Express concept, along with experienced Hog’s franchisee, and pioneer of the Hog’s Food Truck concept in WA, Glenn Sell.

Worth said there is a target of 10 Hog’s Express locations in the next 12 to 18 months.