Fitness Enhancement scoops gym industry award

Fitness Enhancement industry award
Founder Scott Hunt with his AUSactive award. (Source: Supplied)

Fitness Enhancement Personal Training has been named the Fitness Franchise Group for 2023 by AUSactive.

Founder Scott Hunt established the business in 1999 and began franchising a decade ago. Fitness Enhancement franchisees operate across eight cities, servicing more than 3000 suburbs.

AP major driving force behind the company’s recent growth has been its NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registration in 2019.

Hunt said “We are Australia’s only NDIS-registered fitness franchise. Over the last four years, a large part of our business focus has been our Fit Your Ability division dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve their health and fitness goals when most personal trainers and gyms, including other fitness franchises, aren’t an option.

“In an industry filled with gyms focusing on getting fit people fitter, we cater to the most vulnerable Australians.”

Fitness Enhancement industry award set to boost profile

The company also became NDIS registered in 2021 for core support, essentially also making it a disability support company.

Hunt said “I anticipate this recognition will help us grow into areas we’ve yet to touch, particularly where there’s a need to serve clients with disabilities. The lack of NDIS registration in the fitness sector means many of our vulnerable Australians lack exercise options.

“I also hope this award brings awareness that the fitness industry is not solely about muscles and selfies; there’s a dedicated segment of the industry focused on helping people with disabilities or any other limitations that make them feel excluded from the other fitness options.”