Flynn Group to add 51 Applebee’s restaurants to portfolio

Flynn Group Applebee's portfolio
There are more than 1600 Applebee’s restaurants globally. (Source: Bigstock)

The world’s largest franchisee operator, Flynn Group, which owns Pizza Hut Australia, will open 25 new Applebee’s restaurants in the US over the next seven years.

Flynn Group has also acquired 26 Applebee’s restaurants across Florida and Georgia from franchisee Doherty Enterprises, which has been an Applebee’s franchisee for more than 30 years. Today Doherty Enterprises owns and operates 80 Applebee’s restaurants in New York and New Jersey.

With this acquisition Flynn Group has more than 450 Applebee’s restaurants across 23 states.

Potential to grow Applebee’s US market

Greg Flynn, founder and CEO of Flynn Group, has identified untapped potential in markets across the US. “Applebee’s has always been a special brand for us. We’re excited to continue building and growing with Applebee’s, as we have for the past two-and-a-half decades,” he said.

This expansion goal is part of Applebee’s development strategy to return the brand to net new unit openings.

Tony Moralejo, president of Applebee’s, said “After 44 years as the neighbourhood dining destination in America, this agreement reinforces the confidence in the Applebee’s brand from our largest franchisee – and the largest franchise operator in the world – Flynn Group.

“Flynn Group’s journey with Applebee’s began 25 years ago, and their leadership team, culture, and focus on operational excellence is unparalleled. We’re excited to expand our partnership with them and to bring Applebee’s to more neighbourhoods across the US.”

Flynn Group boosts portfolio with Applebee’s stores

Applebee’s launched in Decatur, Georgia and now has more than 1,600 locations in the US, two territories, and 11 more countries.

The Flynn Group portfolio features Applebee’s, Arby’s, Panera, Pizza Hut, Planet Fitness, Taco Bell and Wendy’s. It operates more than 2600 business across 44 states, Australia and New Zealand.

The Flynn Group last year acquired the Pizza Hut Australia business which continues to be led by Phil Reed. The franchisee group was also appointed the exclusive Australian master franchisee for Wendy’s, with growth planned post-2025.