McDonald’s restaurants to receive major upgrade

What will the major upgrade to US stores look like? 

McDonald’s has announced that restaurants across the US will get a major upgrade in an attempt to become a “modern and progressive burger company”.

"For the best part of our 60 years we've asked customers to fit around our business model," said CEO Steve Easterbrook in a report by CNBC

"Now customers are more demanding and we are looking to adapt our business."

McDonald's is adding self-service ordering kiosks, craft burgers and table service to its stores.

Easterbrook said the restaurants will allow for self-service kiosk ordering and counter accessibility. Customers can pay with cash, credit, debit, Apple pay and Android pay and will soon be able to order through the company's mobile service.

"The counter is a barrier," he said.

McDonald's employees will now spend more time in the front of restaurants, delivering food directly to the tables and offering traditional dining hospitality.

"We are investing in technology and people," said Chris Kempczinski, incoming US. president of McDonald's.

"We want to personalize and elevate the experience for consumers in the US."

 The fast food franchise will also be adding new craft burgers and chicken to its menu. The Big Mac will now come in two additional sizes, Grand and Jr., as previously announced and innovative items like a pico de gallo burger with guacamole will be joining the menu board.

 Easterbrook said  increased customisation is a key facet of building a "better McDonald's."