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visitation data location

Unlocking the power of visitation data in location decisions

There are four ways visitation data can improve location-based decision-making.
Store catchment territory success

Store catchments, territory boundaries and setting up for success

De-risk growth by replicating what already works.
fast food stores 2023

Sushi Hub, GYG lead fast food store numbers rise: 2023 report

The fast food sector has opened 174 more stores than it closed over the last 12 months, an extra 17 outlets compared to ...
gyms closures openings

Fitness studios and gyms: closures outpaced openings in last quarter

Despite the most recet figures, overall the sector has increased its footprint.
net growth retail 2022

Gym sector tops net growth in retail network 2022 reports

Bubble tea chains reported strong growth in the cafe and beverages sector.
Fast food store openings trends.

Fast food store openings ramp up: report

The big names in fast food are driving store growth in Australia.