Gym sector tops net growth in retail network 2022 reports

net growth retail 2022
Fitstop opened 25 outlets last year. (Source: Supplied)

Gyms and fitness studios have a net gain of 91 outlets according to a series of 2022 retail network reports by GapMaps.

The annual reports reveal store openings and closures across Australia in key retail sectors.

Health and fitness

GapMaps tracked 22 brands in 3,460 locations. Businesses opened 151 premises and closed 60 last year, representing a net change of 91 new centres compared to the previous year.

Anytime Fitness, which is the largest gym chain in Australia with 558 locations, opened 26 new centres and closed five, representing a net change of 21 new gyms in 2022.

F45 and CrossFit, each operating more than 500 locations, have centres in 60 of the 67 cities with populations of more than 20,000 residents. At the time of the report, F45 had added five new gyms and closed two, a net change of three. CrossFit reported no openings or closures.

Snap Fitness and Plus Fitness each have networks with more than 200 locations and reported growth last year. Snap Fitness unveiled 15 new gyms and closed 10. Plus Fitness closed just two gyms and opened five.

The report found emerging brands Fitstop Australia opened 25 locations, Club Lime Group unveiled 15, Body Fit Training Australia opened the doors to 14 sites, and KX Pilates added 12. None of these brands reported closures.

Café and beverages

Nineteen brands opened a total of 175 stores and closed 114 stores last year. That’s a net gain of 61 stores compared to the previous year.

McDonald’s operates the largest café network with more than 890 McCafe stores. The golden arches added 28 new locations while shutting six.

The major bubble tea chains also reported strong growth with 63 total store opening across three brands – mostly in Sydney.

Chatime, with 169 stores, opened 31 new locations and closed five. Gong Cha has 143 stores, opening 27 and closing two. Sharetea, with 85 stores, opened 13 and closed just one.

However, the report points out there was some contraction in this sector in 2022. The Coffee Club (246 stores), Donut King (220) and Muffin Break (176) reported more closures than openings. The Coffee Club contracted by 14 stores, opening nine and closing 23. Similarly, Donut King contracted by 12 stores, opening nine and closing 21, whilst Muffin Break contracted by four stores, opening 14 and closing 18.

Auto tyre and servicing

There was a net change of 49 additional centres in this sector, with 82 locations opened and 33 closed in 2022.

Bridgestone has the largest network with 340 locations but reported seven closures and five openings over the year.

Ultra Tune (262 locations) also reported a net loss, opening two locations and closing five.

Dunlop reported the greatest growth, opening 27 locations and closing seven. Goodyear also added to its footprint, opening 13 locations and shutting three.

Tyrepower (301 locations) and Mycar (276 locations) both reported net growth.