What hospitality business owners need to remember

Inside Franchise Business: topline tips for cafe businessesFranchise industry service provider Silver Chef is backing a website resource designed to ease the working lives of hospitality professionals, including franchisees.

The relaunch of Profitable Hospitality comes after a year-long overhaul of content and functionality.

The result is a structured platform that provides advice for franchisees on four business stages: start-up, established, maturity growth and maturity exit.

Profitable Hospitality founder Ken Burgin suggests franchisors need to reinforce these crucial points with incoming franchisees:

Brand new franchisees need to…

  • Master the layout: taking the time to think through the logistics and functionality requirements of the business is crucial.
  • Attract the right staff: from the get-go it’s important to have a solid job vacancy advertising strategy in place, highlighting the perks of the job in line with the target worker.

Once in business franchisees need to…

1. Address issues promptly: whether a customer has criticised the food or there’s been a decline in coffee orders, it’s crucial to establish a clear timeframe and swift response process for complaints so they don’t escalate.

Start with a list of potential scenarios, how to respond, who is responsible and what to do if the complaints escalate on social media.

(As a  franchisor you should have guidance on these issues and a social media policy.)

2. Establish a solid cleaning process: it’s important to maintain a clean and appealing environment for customers while also meeting industry standards.

(Franchisees, follow the operations manual!)

3. Growing the business: build revenue through monetisation. Smart pricing is a great opportunity to sharpen marketing skills, cover rising costs and boost profits.  

4. Make time for training!

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