Why these women turned to franchising

Women have made their entrepreneurial dreams come true in franchising. Here are some homegrown female franchisors…

Janine Allis, founder, Boost Juice

Like many people who want to start their own business, I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. And like all new business ideas, they start with the one line…. “It would be good if…..I could create something that could do retailing differently and make getting your fruit and veggies easier".  

To achieve this, I had no idea that I would have to sell my family home, live without a salary for three years and commit to millions of dollars of liabilities to achieve the goal. 

On success:

Business is like a roller coaster, it has massive highs and equally low lows. But give me the roller coaster ride any day over the predicable merry go round.   

Nina Rosace, founder, Home Sorted

I entered the world of franchising in 2015 after 14 years of running my own professional organising business. I saw it as an opportunity to not only help busy families, but to encourage a unique professional business opportunity for women.

We are the first and only company to offer a franchise business in our industry. I am proud to share the business with other like-minded career driven women that love creating organisation and building a successful business based on our business model.

Tips for success:

I am a very determined entrepreneur, I will study, attend seminars and consult with as many peers as possible to educate myself in all spaces of my business. This includes PR, marketing, advertising, web site development, brand development, etc. I have explored all of these areas of the business thoroughly in order to fully understand what makes a business successful. It also allows me to add my own personal touch along the way so that my business message is not lost in translation.

Christine Taylor, founder, Aussie Pooch Mobiles

I’ve always had a passion for the care and well being of all dogs and I started the dog wash business to care for the family dog. After seeing how much they enjoyed this service, I researched the best way to expand the business. That's when franchising began, allowing others to share in my dream.

Today Aussie Pooch Mobile and our dog loving franchisees have the good fortune of enjoying what they do and earning a great income.

Aussie Pooch Mobile began in 1991 (26 years ago) and now operates in Australia, the US, New Caledonia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Tips for success:

It is essential to build a great support team around you. Appreciate that it may be your great idea, but to grow you need others to share in that dream. Listen and show you care.

Tina Tower, founder, Begin Bright

I was tutoring children with a fabulous team of teachers but I still wanted to reach more children. We started licensing our curriculum to other teachers to use but then they all wanted business advice so we converted to a franchise system so that we could offer the complete business package.

We launched the company in 2008, licensing in 2009 and opened the first franchise in 2011.

Tips for success:

Be enthusiastic and curious to always learn more and continually improve. If you’re looking to franchise your business then you need to have a huge belief in what you’re doing and trust in yourself. Because there’s always so much to do and so much going on, it’s important to constantly find the simplicity in the complexity.

Anna Kasman, founder, Sushi Sushi

As a passionate foodie, I have always been a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to pay a premium for great food. That’s why I decided to start a business that would ensure that high quality Japanese cuisine was available to everyone, everywhere – not just those who could afford to visit an expensive restaurant. Thus Sushi Sushi was born. Our first store opened in 1998 in Box Hill, Melbourne.

Tips for success:

Three core principals guide the way I run my business:

  1. believe in yourself
  2. believe in your people
  3. believe in your product

Crafted with love, passion and dedication to the age-old art of sushi-making, I know the food we serve is unrivalled in its quality.

My obsession with health and freshness has been paramount to our success as Australia’s leading purveyor of on-the-go Japanese cuisine. My passion couldn’t be delivered without the right people around me. Our executive team is strong and experienced who are constantly looking for ways to improve the Sushi Sushi business.

Francesca Webster, co-founder, Brazilian Beauty

In 2004 my partner Andrew and I opened the first Brazilian Beauty as we wanted to create a business in which we could work together. We were madly in love and wanted to spend day and night together!

Customers loved our business model, demand was so great for the customer experience that we bought to the market that we opened our first franchise in 2006.

Tips for success:

I stay focused on what makes me happy:

  • I believe in adding a daily positive contribution to my family and work life.
  • Everyday I find challenges and problems to overcome and in turn rewards to relish.
  • I regularly connect with people who both challenge and inspire me.
  • I'm passionate about empowering customers and team members to believe in their own style of beautiful.  
  • I exercise most mornings to keep my head and body in tip top shape.