5 ways to recruit the best franchisees

What does it take to get the strongest applicants on board as franchisees?

Here three franchisors share their top recruitment tips: Evan Foster, brand manager at Signarama, part of the United Franchise Group; Jeremy Dyer, CEO, Total Fitouts; and Ross Worth, CEO of Hog’s Australia Steakhouses.

All three participated in a panel session at the FCA National Franchise Convention 2018 on recruiting for the long term.

Their advice shows there doesn’t need to be anything tricksy about strong recruitment strategies…

1. Respond swiftly

Evan Foster believes this is absolutely essential to good recruitment, and Signarama moves fast to engage with franchise enquiries: pre-qualification on the phone within the hour, unless it’s a weekend.

2  Know your recruit

Jeremy Dyer has refined possible franchise recruits to two typical franchisee profiles for his brand: a project manager who has had time in a corporate business but is a little conservative, and guys who have been tradies, electricans, wanting to move into the space.

“You can target recruits directly on Facebook, it works really well,” he says

3. Look for talent in your staff

Ross Worth has taken this path and believes its something the company has done well. “A number of long term corporate members move to become franchisees. It gives you confidence because of their knowledge and understanding of the brand.”

4  Provide hands on experience

Hog’s Australia ask franchise prospects to do a couple of restaurant shifts. “We use our corporate restaurant, we pick the busiest periods, buddy them up, and they can understand the reality of owning a business. It’s a standard process.”

5. Be trustworthy

Worth advises all franchisors to focus on the culture, openness and transparency of the business. “In our case, we’re always very transparent. If I want to understand something I want to know warts and all.”

Ultimately, franchise buyers will purchase if they like your values and trust you, suggests Foster.