Domino’s Pizza Enterprises targets Net Zero by 2050

DDomino's targets Net Zero
Domino’s will increase use of electrical vehicles in delivery. (Source: Supplied)

A series of bold initiatives from Domino’s Pizza Enterprises will take the pizza chain to its target of Net Zero emissions by 2050, according to an independent review.

Domino’s has become the first quick-service restaurant chain to have its science-based environmental goals independently validated.

The targets reflect the latest scientific guidance on Forest, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) . The Science Based Targets Initiative reviewed and confirmed their validity. SBTI is a partnership between not-for-profit environmental disclosure organisation CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

To reach its goal Domino’s is expanding the use of electric vehicles in its supply chain and delivery fleet internationally. It is also partnering with the dairy industry to reduce a major emissions source in pizza production: cheese. 

Domino’s Net Zero goals include reducing dairy emissions

Domino’s identified nearly 40 per cent of its emissions came from dairy and other animal-based proteins, largely for cheese. 

Domino’s is working with business partners to identify ways to reduce dairy emissions, without compromising on customers’ taste preferences. The Domino’s Dairy Initiative intends to reduce the environmental impact from dairy, in an ethical and sustainable way. 

Domino’s has also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and this includes in business growth. The target is 65 per cent for each item sold by 2030 compared to 2020 emissions.

The pizza chain will also halt deforestation in its supply chain by 2025. 

Marika Stegmeijer, chief environment, social and governance (ESG) officer, said Domino’s had worked closely with international environmental experts. A review of the entire value chain included corporate operations, franchisees, and supply chain partners.

Targets for three business areas

“We’ve identified three areas in our business that have the biggest impact on the environment: our stores and operations, the food we serve, and how this food is produced. For each we set specific targets we aim to achieve by 2030.”

Domino’s is also increasing the use of electric ovens where renewable energy allows this.

Group CEO and managing director Don Meij said “By having our targets validated Domino’s Pizza Enterprises demonstrates our dedication to aligning our emissions reduction efforts with the latest scientific research. 

“We want to ensure the meals our customer eat not only are high quality, and affordable,  but equally avoid causing harm to the planet. While we are the first in our industry to reach this stage in this important process, we expect others will follow, which is a win for our industry, and the planet. 

“This is an important next step in our goal for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd to be the dominant, sustainable delivery quick service restaurant chain in all our markets by 2030.”