Conquering the US with the Unleashed Business Accelerator Tour

Inside Franchise Business: Conquering the U.S. with the Unleashed Business Accelerator Tour kicks offThe Unleashed Business Accelerator tour kicks off next week in Sydney with the goal of providing vital information to prospective franchisors looking to take their business overseas.

The brainchild of HydroDog and IBE Connect founder, Anthony Amos, the live educational event focuses on business growth strategy, sustainable franchise expansion and socially conscious business operations.

Starting business at age 21, Amos built the largest franchise of its kind in the world from Australia, before taking his successful blueprint to the US earning $1.24m in the first month of operation.

While business success has come thick and fast, Amos’ continued efforts to promote best business practice and social conscience have remained at the forefront of operations, culminating in the Unleashed tour.

“We’re coming back with a great business model, and I’ve learnt what operating with a social conscience actually does for a business.”

The Unleashed Business Accelerator tour presents an opportunity for franchisors with international growth aspirations to gain an insight into ethical operations and global market consideration.

“I really want to teach Aussies how to build companies with social conscience. I understand how the US market works, I know how to find the right people, the right context and that’s why we provide events like this, to share that information,” Amos said.

“We want to teach Aussies, and anyone who wants to add a social conscious level to their business, how to bring that to the marketplace. At the end of the day, people fall in love with your brand not your product.”

In July, Inside Franchise Business reported that home services franchise; My Home Watch had been announced as the official event partner for the Unleashed Business Accelerator tour.

Natasha Morgan, CEO and founding franchisor of My Home Watch, said the brand is using the tour to announce its expansion into the US, leaving the door open for a My Home Watch master franchisee to step into her shoes.

“As the proud major partners of The Unleashed Business Accelerator Tour, we are extremely excited to be travelling to Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand with Anthony Amos and Animal Planet,” Morgan said.

“This event is for anyone with a passion for business who wants to learn how Anthony produced over $1.2 million in franchise sales in the first month and built an outstanding socially conscious business.”

My Home Watch partnered with Amos’ IBE Connect brand earlier this year to initiate franchise operations in the US.

“With My Home Watch, we came up with a great plan on how they could sell their master franchise, still have enough of a percentage split and use that equity to move to the US,” Amos said.

The partnership has allowed My Home Watch to diversify its network, while simultaneously gearing up for international growth.

“Our growth plans into the US are really starting to take shape and we are excited to be seeking a new partner as the master franchisee of My Home Watch for Australia & NZ,” Morgan said.

“Working with Anthony has been life changing for us personally and for the future of My Home Watch.”

The Unleashed Business Accelerator Tour begins on Monday, August 6 in Sydney, before traveling to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.