Four signs you’re ready for a rebrand

If you still need to explain what your business does for more than a few minutes, you’re in need of a rebrand – your branding should tell your story for you. 

Lauren Fried, Pulse Collective founder/managing director and co-founder at Advisory Board Institute says that whether it’s a slight tweak to your logo or a complete overhaul of your website, a rebrand is nothing to sneeze at. It’s an important investment and it can show a business’ commitment to evolution while also subtly shifting how consumers perceive the brand.

Here are four sure-fire signs your business is in need of a rebrand:

1. Where you started feels a lifetime ago

A rebrand is not about changing your whole business – it’s about ensuring your brand continues to evolve with your business and the landscape. Has your clientele changed or perhaps your product line has expanded more than you imagined? Whatever it is, if there’s a severe disconnect between where you started your business and where you are today, you need to start planning your rebrand.

2. You could be left behind

Sometimes a company may have first-rate services but are left behind by a quickly evolving market if they’re no longer seen as cutting edge. Just look at the example of Macs and PCs – there was a time when PCs were considered to be lagging behind the latest trends and Apple did it’s best to capitalise on this with their Mac vs PC campaigns. So if anything at all feels outdated compared to your competition, it’s time for an update.

3. You need to explain your business

Your objectives and messaging should be clear and concise in your branding. So if you still need to explain what your business does for more than a few minutes, you’re in need of a rebrand. Your branding should tell your story for you. Some businesses were too specific or didn’t change with the times, such as Civic Video, and their own brand became irrelevant.

4. Organisational changes have occurred

Your brand is a reflection of your organisation, so if there’s been change, such as shifted missions, client focus or even leadership, these need to be mirrored in your brand. And sometimes an internal campaign is the first step, to evoke the loyalty of your most valuable asset — your own people. With privately-owned businesses, there is a chance that the logo is your favourite colour and shape, so be open-minded to it being about the business and not the person.