Juice franchise founder reveals recipes

Boost Juice’s Janine Allis has revealed what goes into select juices in their stores after a survey claims the health smoothies contain more sugar than a soft drink.

Allis, co-founder of the franchised brand, has said that the survey does not account for the entire menu of drinks. In a report by Smart Company, she said that select drinks have been designed in collaboration with nutrition experts.

“There’s a very small portion of the population that thought we add sugar into our products,” said Allis.

“There’s not one grain of sugar in our stores.”

In response to the claims, Allis and her team released five videos revealing what ingredients go into select drinks from the menu.

She said that transparency at Boost Juice has also encouraged healthy competition and enabled its 500 stores to learn from each other for stronger growth.

And if competitors take the recipes?

She said the chances are narrow as it would be complex to copy each and every process the company has in place to source fresh ingredients.

“What you realise as you go down the business is it’s not one element that makes you choose a [brand],” she said.

“It’s how you feel about the brand.”