Swimart adds executive officer

Inside Franchise Business: Swimart adds executive officerSwimart has today announced the appointment of a new executive officer to its head office team, furthering the brand’s commitment to boost operations staff.

The appointment of Rick Graham comes less than a year after Swimart welcomed franchise development manager Alex Johnson and marketing manager Nathan Hallahan to the network.

The latest announcement marks a significant step forward in Swimart’s dedicated approach to improving retail operations, focusing on innovation and strategic growth to increase franchisee performance.

Speaking with Pool and Spa Review, Graham said he was excited to pioneer Swimart’s growth strategy moving into 2019.

“Swimart has built a great foundation built on knowledge, expertise and trust, and there is more we can do to better engage with our customers and extend our reach into new markets,” Graham said.

“When I met with the Swimart team and we discussed a growth agenda, the idea of increasing our current performance alongside the company’s reach and distribution was very appealing to me”.

Despite a slate of recent negativity within the franchising sector, Swimart has continued to expand steadily, generating strong return for its franchise partners, which Graham suggests is the result of a customer-centric approach.

“It is all about focusing on the customers’ needs for today and tomorrow, and ensuring the brand continues to meet their expectations in the way they want to shop,” Graham said.

“Everyone plays an important role in order to succeed. It requires the franchisor re-investing in the brand system to ensure it remains top of mind and relevant to the customers, the franchisees to consistently deliver on the service promise and the suppliers to be providing the latest innovations and advancements within the industry, be it trends or changes in customer needs”.

The brand currently operates over 70 franchise outlets across Australia and New Zealand, boasting a mobile fleet of more than 250 service vans, and recently celebrated 35 years of operation.