10 things franchisors can do to help their franchisees drive sales

Franchisors adopting best practice strategies are able to help boost sales at a franchisee level.

A series of strategies has emerged from the Franchise Relationships Institute’s 2018 study Sales Trends in the Franchising Sector and these were revealed at this year’s National Franchise Operations Conference held in Melbourne recently.

Here are just some of the strategies franchisors can employ…

  1. Hold regular coaching sessions with franchisees to set and review their sales targets and KPIs.
  2. Identify the key skills needed to connect with customer and drive sales, and train for these.
  3. Experiment with pricing to achieve a profitable balance between sales volume and margins.
  4. Install an up-to-date CRM or sales tracking system to help franchisees stay in touch with customers.
  5. Provide evidence that new initiatives work before launching them and listen to franchisee feedback.
  6. Focus on digital marketing and training franchisees to use social media more effectively.
  7. Simplify the product range so franchisees can sell high margin products with strong customer appeal.
  8. Ensure a stable, competent and credible leadership team that is focused on franchisee success.
  9. Create a market niche to give the brand a clear point of difference.
  10. Focus regional meetings and conferences on sales improvement themes and stragies.