Active Wellness Spa launches franchise offer

Active Wellness launches franchise (1)
ActivePods are part oof the bio-hacking offer. (Source: Supplied)

Active Wellness Spa has launched its franchise offer, delivering a biohacking element to the wellness industry. 

Biohacking is a way of changing the body using a variety of methods such as exercise, diet, mindfulness. Medical News Today describes biohacking as a “DIY form of human enhancement or augmentation, in which people attempt to change aspects of their biology to improve their health, performance, or well-being”.

Examples of biohacking include intermittent fasting, cold water therapy, wearable technology.

The Active Wellness Spa studios offer bespoke non-invasive treatments. These include reducing inflammation and muscle soreness, burning calories, boosting the immune system and flushing toxins.

Personalised treatments

The treatments are often offered in a combination to achieve the best result for clients. 

Founder Maitri Patel said the bio hacking treatments on offer are unique as they are offered in a personalised bespoke package to the client to suit their health goals. 

Patel said all treatments are available as single, packages and weekly memberships, similar to a gym.

“We have achieved incredible success with many clients successfully reducing their pain medication for auto immune conditions, arthritis etc with regular treatments,” she said.

“We are excited to bring this disruptive lifestyle brand to Australia. Our mission is to offer preventative healthcare services to wider communities at an affordable cost and to build a  global team to make a positive impact in communities where we live and work.”

Plans for growth

Patel is a previous winner of the Telstra Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Business Migrant of the Year and opened the first Active Wellness Spa studio in 2019.

Accurate Franchising Inc, an affiliated franchise consultancy of global franchisor United Franchise Group, helped develop the franchise.

Julian Chong,  director of Accurate Franchising Inc. Australia said “This is a completely unique franchise and best of all it’s incredibly simple to run. Knowing  how well other countries have already adopted biohacking as a ‘household’ treatment for  health and wellness, we have no doubt Australia will follow soon enough. Maitri is no  stranger to business success and will make a fantastic franchisor.”

Active Wellness Spa plans to open five studios within the first 12 months.