CouriersPlease recruits specialist to lift operations procedures

Inside Franchise Business: process expert Tara Heylin joins CouriersPleaseCouriersPlease (CP) has appointed its first-ever process improvement specialist in a move to boost customer experience and standard operating procedures. The newly created role is part of CP’s recently established process excellence team.

Tara Heylin takes on the role of process improvement leader, with a remit to review and improve systems and processes across all departments including operations, customer experience, sales, commercial, finance and IT. She joins CP with a Lean Sigma Six Black Belt, a performance methodology that aims to create more streamlined processes.

Heylin has more than a decade of experience in improving processes and operations for some of Australia’s blue-chip financial corporations, including ANZ, ING and OnePath.

Already Heylin has developed three initiatives: to improve the customer pain point of on-time pick up performance, strengthen communication between teams, and improve the process design of onboarding new customers.

Heylin said “While the processes in finance companies and those in logistics are very different, the methodology is the same in any industry. It’s about quantifying the problem, working through it and figuring out how to get to the core issue. The skills that I’ve acquired in my previous roles are transferrable to any industry – and, as such, have equipped me for the challenges in the logistics industry.”

Heylin joins a senior management team that comprises mostly women. The team includes recently appointed Queensland state manager Tracey Baldwin, COO Hoy Yen Hooper, and head of commercial and transformation Jessica Ip.