Ella Baché unveils new look salon design

Ella Bache new look
The colour palette, lighting and furniture create a welcoming environment. (Source: Supplied)

Skincare brand Ella Baché has unveiled an all-new sleek and minimalistic salon design which aims to better engage the customer and therapist. 

The customer experience and journey has been integral to the creation of a welcoming, contemporary environment.

CEO and third-generation owner of Ella Baché, Pippa Hallas said “Focusing on the client journey has led to simplifying the reception area and ensuring everything was intentional; from the digital screens, lighting, furniture, the reception desk, materials and colours; all elements effortlessly welcome, invite and communicate our point of difference which is our knowledge and love of skin.” 

Ella Baché new look is unveiled in WA

Digital media takes a leading role in this new design, reducing visual signage and clutter in the salons. 

“We have always had our clients and their skin at the forefront of our philosophy. The new salon design, focuses on the client experience and showcases our expertise and our reputable products,” said Hallas.

A brand new salon in Secret Harbour, Western Australia is showcasing the new look. The curved reception desk and diagnostic tool desk sit adjacent to the product wall. This enables conversation about the customers skin needs, products, and services.

The design uses a refined colour palette, lighting and furniture to enhance the inviting and professional ambience.

The new salon look is the latest collaboration in a 15-year working relationship with MorrisCo Design.

Alex Morris said “Every element of the design was considered from the point of view of the end user – both client and therapist. The focus on the new colour palette and material details made this a very rewarding project to be involved in.”

The new look Ella Baché design will roll out across Australia as new salons open. Existing salons will begin to incorporate design elements to ensure uniformity across the board.