FCA Interim CEO sets out priorities at NFC

FCA Interim CEO priorities
Brendan Green, FCA chair, with Tanya Robertson, Interim CEO. (Source: Supplied)

Tanya Robertson, newly-appointed Interim CEO at the Franchise Council of Australia, has pointed to member engagement, value and growth as the key priorities of her caretaking role.

Robertson outlined these ambitions today in her opening address to the National Franchise Convention delegates.

Robertson said the goal is to ensure the FCA “remains a cornerstone of the franchising community”.

Interim CEO says FCA priorities are members

She said fresh engagement strategies will boost opportunities for discussion, sharing experiences and turning member ideas into actions.

“Delivering member value is paramount,” she said. “We are going to reassess and realign our services and benefits to ensure they are not just good, but the best and most relevant for your needs. This might mean more tailored training programs, enhanced legal and regulatory support, or more aggressive advocacy on issues that impact our industry.”

The FCA will launch new initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining members. It will also amplify its efforts in promoting success stories across social and traditional media.

“We are also keenly aware of the need for continuity and preparation for future leadership. As a board, we are laying down strategic plans that not only address immediate needs but also prepare us for a smooth transition.

“While I am not here to stay indefinitely, part of my role is to ensure that the groundwork is laid for whoever takes over. This collaborative approach ensures that our strategies are robust and forward-thinking,” Robertson said.

The conference comes after a period of uncertainty for the FCA, after the exit of former CEO Matthew Monaghan in April after a year in the position and just weeks before the NFC.

FCA chair on next leadership step

Brendan Green, FCA chair, told the conference delegates “The Board are very comfortable with the decision that has been taken to appoint Tanya Robertson as interim CEO.”

Green admitted the past few weeks have been “challenging”.

“Transitioning leadership is always challenging,” he said. “There were some nervous periods in the lead up to NFC for us as a board. Would the members and their teams turn up to Cairns? Would the event turn a profit? Tanya has narrowed the focus in the FCA office to delivering a quality NFC Agenda.

“And I’m very pleased to say we’ve seen a big influx of last minute registrations from delegates and sponsors.”

Green said the board’s next meeting following the NFC will focus on what the FCA’s executive leadership will look like.

“Tanya has created a sense of stability in the last month which we are most keen to see continue,” he said.