Fix Auto launches dual franchise offer with Novus Glass

Fix Auto dual franchise
Windscreen repairs have been part of the Fix Auto service. Image

Collison and smash repair business Fix Auto has launched its dual franchise concept in Australia with sibling brand Novus Glass. 

Stuart Faid is parent company Fix Network’s regional vice president and head of business – Asia Pacific. He told Franchise Executives there is an obvious alignment between the two brands.

“Windscreen glass replacement is quite a big part of the collisions business. We see a real synergy and we’re hoping to leverage our footprint in the collision space to grow Novus.”

In Canada, the Fix Network’s home base and head office, there are 60 dual locations among the 300 collision repair outlets.

Fix Auto dual franchise option is under one parent company

“I’ve been keeping an eye on how that’s gone and it’s really positive.  Now we are comfortable with the synergy of the new model,” said Faid.

“When it comes to the dual branding, because we own both brands, we are supportive and empathetic in how we execute that. We have a vested interest in both brands.”

The first Australian Fix Auto franchisee to snap up the dual opportunity is already keen to open a second combined business.

Faid said a second franchisee is also ready to expand with the new model.

The new dual branding offers greater business potential without significant extra costs.

“More often than not, the expenditure is already incurred by outsourcing glass repair,” said Faid. “We give franchisees the systems and processes to manage this internally, to keep the revenue, and it covers the cost of investing in the infrastructure.”

Novus is a global brand, with a presence in more than 20 countries. It’s been in Australia for about 30 years. 

Next year could see Asia-Pacific potential realised

Fix Auto arrived in Australia six years ago, basing its franchise growth on auto repair shop conversions.

“We acquired the Novus business globally in 2017, “ said Faid.

Today there are 48 Novus franchises and 19 Fix Auto outlets across Australia.

Fix Auto is in China, and the Novus brand has developed in the Philippines, Japan and South Korea

Faid will revisit the potential of the Asian markets in 2023, with a focus on Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.