Franchising expo set for Perth in 2016

The Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo is returning to Perth next May.

Exhibition manager Fiona Stacey said “The time is right and the team are very excited about working with exhibitors and the Franchise Council of Australia to make it a professional and relevant event that showcases the opportunities presented by franchising.

“The mining boom may have slowed but Perth remains a busy and cosmopolitan city” she said. “The only difference is that there are now thousands of highly qualified and resourced people seeking to work for themselves. Exhibitors have asked for a focused and low-cost event to access this market”.

The Perth Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo will be a little different to the established shows running in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Each exhibitor will be restricted to a simple booth display with a table and brochure rack rather than a full blown stand. 

Stacey explained “running the event as a showcase will allow exhibitors to try out the market without blowing the budget. Visitors will still be able to see all the options, talk to the names behind the brands and attend business seminars. And for the first time we can make it free for visitors to attend”.

The organisers have adopted a different time profile as well, with the event taking place on a Friday afternoon and evening, and the morning of the Saturday.

About 40 companies are expected to participate. Most will be franchises but there will also be general business opportunities, industry publications, government agencies and consultants who can help you franchise your own business.   

“Of course a lot of this information is available online” said Stacey. “But nothing can replace the value of meeting someone face-to-face to discuss your dream business. Visitors can check out all the opportunities and ask the hard questions. At the same time exhibitors can identify their best prospects. It is a really efficient way to bring the right people together”.   

The Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo will be running at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre from 6 to 7 May 2016.