Hogs Australia initiative to help fight ‘The Black Dog’

Inside Franchise Business: Hogs Australia partners with A Chance For ChangeHog’s Australia’s Steakhouse has partnered with a charity that seeks to address depression in Australian men.

The casual dining chain has announced it will host a massive national charity event across its 80 restaurants in March next year, with all proceeds to help A Chance for Change (ACFC).

The charity began as a grassroots movement by two men who were determined to put a spotlight on the fight for men’s mental health following personal experience with both depression and losing mates to suicide.

Hog’s CEO, Ross Worth, said the restaurant group has partnered with ACFC as it’s a cause that speaks to their franchisees, as well as their customers.

“We have restaurants across the country with a major presence in regional areas of Australia where statistics show higher rates of male depression and suicide,” he said.

“Depression and suicide rates amongst men in Australia are staggering, not to mention the associated societal issues that arise from it, so we’re very happy to partner with ACFC and do all we can to support their initiatives.

“We were able to raise $7,000 for ACFC in a matter of minutes just amongst our franchisees at Hog’s annual conference earlier this year so we have no doubt that a national event across all our restaurants will go a long way in assisting ACFC to make a real difference.”

Hog’s will announce further details of the annual charity event within the coming months but it’s slated for March 2018 and is expected to embrace the Hog’s philosophy of fun and community spirit, and have the backing of a host of Hog’s partners in sport, from the NRL to the Supercars series.

With the catchcry “speaking up is manning up”, ACFC aims to reset the perceptions of what it means to be a man in today’s society and empower men with the knowledge and self-confidence to stop ‘The Black Dog’ before it strikes.

ACFC CEO, Ivan Mardones, said “Some of us at ACFC have lost mates and family members to suicide, or lived through the black dog and come out the other side, so we have a really raw and authentic approach to battling this epidemic.”

The support of Hog’s Australia will allow the charity to reach more areas of Australia with their workshops and programs .