Inside Franchise Business puts spotlight on franchisees with longevity

Brad Peatling has been a franchisee with Bakers Delight for 30 years. He shares his story in the latest edition of Inside Franchise Business, which is putting the spotlight on longterm franchisees.

Check out this issue to read more about dedicated, loyal franchisees who have committed to their brand for more than one or two decades, and are loving the life.

The leadership section profiles Vision Personal Training, finds out about Nutrition Station’s fresh look, and unveils more franchisee stories from the Jim’s Group and First Index.

Continuing the focus on Franchise Basics, the series considers what’s entailed in due diligence, finding the right market, questions to ask franchisors, what branding looks like, and advice from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on how to avoid a franchise fail.

The March/April edition of Inside Franchise Business is out soon!