Taco Bell to open in Australia

The franchisee operating KFC and Sizzlers stores, Collins Food Group, is to reintroduce US Mexican chain Taco Bell to the Australian market.

This will be the third time the American brand has tried to get a foothold in Australia and it starts with the launch of a concept in Queensland.

In a statement the Australian licensee, Collins Foods, said a former Sizzler restaurant in Annerley, Brisbane, will be the launch location.

“[We are] currently recruiting for staff for the new restaurant, further details will be announced closer to the restaurant opening.”

The move comes after the US fast food brand failed to gain traction in Australia in the 1980s, and again between 1997-2005, when it had a store on Sydney’s George Street.

Taco Bell will be a late-comer to the popular Mexican food sector which is dominated by franchised chains such as Guzman y Gomez, Mad Mex and Zambrero.

The US fast food business has established a dominating position in the American fast-food market since founding in 1954. It’s now owned by food giant Yum Brands, which owns a raft of KFC restaurants in Australia.