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Franchising Code review submissions

Deadline coming up for Franchising Code review submissions

The review is being undertaken because of sun-setting provisions in the current Code.
FCA roadshow code review

FCA seeks feedback for Code review submission

The Franchise Council of Australia has launched a national roadshow to garner feedback for the Federal Government’...
Franchising Code review 2023

Franchising Code review set for 2023

The Franchise Council of Australia will engage with Treasury on the review structure and terms of reference.
how to overcome franchisor challenges

5 franchisor challenges and how to fix them

Business is challenging at the best of times, and we have been through the worst the last few years with the lockdowns, ...
Franchising key facts sheet updated

Government updates franchising key facts sheet

On 26 August the Government updated the franchising key facts sheet which franchisors must provide to franchise buyers. ...
More automotive franchising code reforms

More automotive franchising code reforms will stifle industry says peak auto industry group

The ink is barely dry on the franchising reforms introduced on 1 July this year, and already we have an automotive franc...
Licence agreement or franchise agreement?

Freedom Foods case highlights difference between a licence agreement and franchise agreement

A recent legal case has highlighted the distinction between intellectual property licence agreements and franchise agree...
Where is franchise reform heading in 2021?

Franchising reforms announced

A doubling of penalties for breaching the Franchising Code of Conduct is among the franchising reforms announced in the ...
4 crucial compliance rules to consider

4 crucial compliance rules franchisors need to consider now

We’re still knee-deep in Covid-19 so what do franchisors need to consider for 2020 and beyond?¬† Check these legal ...