Who uses fast food and delivery apps the most? Step up Aussie mums

fast food app users
Mums are proving the biggest champions of takeaway and delivery digital sites. (Source: Bigstock)

A new digital audience measurement tool reveals 13.5 million people used a fast food and food delivery  website or app during February.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that last month 4 million Australian mothers used fast food and food delivery websites and apps. That’s an increase of 3 per cent compared to January. 

However, the biggest growth came within young men aged 14-24. This cohort grew 9 per cent, month on month, to reach almost 1.4 million. This compares to almost 1.3 million women in the same age group.

Ipsos iris, which launched earlier this month, provides accurate data about the 21 million Australians  aged 14+ who access a wide variety of digital content and services across smartphone, PC/laptop  and tablet devices. 

Its data reveals McDonalds, Ubereats, KFC, Domino’s and Hungry Jack’s were the top five brands accessed during the month.

McDonald’s had an audience of 6.3 million, more than double Domino’s 3.1 million while 4.18 million Aussies used Ubereats.

However Pizza Hut and Grill’d, at numbers nine and 10 respectively, each with audiences of under 1 million, saw the biggest audience growth on the previous month. Grill’d grew its audience by a significant 56.1 per cent, Pizza Hut by 30.8 per cent.