Domino’s faces employment agreement challenge

Domino’s is in the media spotlight again as one of its pizza delivery drivers takes the business to the Fair Work Commission over an employment agreement carved out with a shop workers union.

Fairfax Media reports that a Townsville driver is challenging the Domino’s agreement in which drivers are not paid casual loadings or penalty rates, work minimum two-hour shifts and are given a limited driving allowance.

According to Fairfax, the driver, Casey Salt, would be paid almost one third more working under the award.

The Domino’s deal was arranged with the Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees Association (SDA).

Salt wants to end the 2005 agreement, a move supported by new union, the Retail and Fast Food Workers’ Union.

A Domino’s spokesperson told Inside Franchise Business “The SDA Union (the SDA) and Domino’s are negotiating in good faith and the parties are still committed to finalising a new Enterprise Agreement that both meets the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) and modernises our industrial position.

“The SDA Union and Domino’s have been before the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) on a number of occasions seeking assistance around certain proposed entitlements.

“During the negotiation process, Domino’s has complied with its industrial obligations.  Domino’s has also, in good faith, applied discretionary entitlements increasing our team members take home pay.

“The SDA and Domino’s expect to have a BOOT compliant Agreement by the end of the year. As we have reinforced previously, we have strategies in place to combat any increase in labour costs that may result.”