Domino’s powers up delivery with electric mopeds

Domino's electric mopeds
Domino’s has partnered with Brisbane-based Benzina Zero. (Source: Supplied)

Domino’s Pizza Enterprise has partnered with a Brisbane-based manufacturer and distributor of electric mopeds and motor scooters in a bid to be the most dominant, sustainable food delivery business.

The new partnership with Benzina Zero follows successful trials of the brand’s Duo electric moped within a number of stores.

Earle Strong, head of new equipment from Construction, Supply & Service, Domino’s supply company, said “By utilising the Benzina Zero’s Duo electric moped we are not only able to deliver our pizza more sustainably, but we are also able to provide additional efficiencies and cost reductions to our franchisees.

“We started this journey sourcing the right electric delivery moped around three years ago with many not fit for purpose and it has taken a long time to find the right solution. We now have that solution, and we are excited to work closely with Benzina Zero on the delivery of the electric Duo moped within our network.”

Joe D’Ercole, chief battery charger at Benzina Zero Australia, said “For each electric moped delivered in Australia and around the world, our partnership will contribute to the Benzina Zero 1m2 Project, a land regeneration program in Australia to facilitate additional environmental support.”