Domino’s unveils time-saving concept store

Domino's time-saving store
A mathematically-designed layout reduces service time by 20 seconds at Domino’s time-saving store. (Source: Supplied)

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has opened a new innovation concept store in Hamilton, Queensland. It is the first of DPE’s global network of 3,700 outlets designed using mathematical modelling to reduce service time.

The Domino’s Hamilton store operations and order flow will save up to 20 seconds per order, said ANZ CEO David Burness.  

“Using advanced mathematical modelling and computer simulation software, we were able to build a virtual representation of the Hamilton store to test different layouts and concepts,” he said.  

The testing was based on data such as order volumes, staffing levels and projected delivery times as well as the placement of store equipment.

Domino’s time-saving store includes two-way pizza lockers

The new innovation concept store also features new electric ovens, data projectors to display makeline and customer order screens, and a new concept ‘pizza locker’ dispatch station. 

Domino’s Hamilton has been built with 12 individual lockers that open two-ways, with a special driver sign out screen.

“Each of these lockers open from inside for team members to load orders into the locker, and also from the outside,” said Burness.  

Delivery drivers can collect orders from the locker and sign out for delivery without entering the store.

The inclusion of electric ovens is in line with Domino’s environment, social and governance commitments.  

Discovery Centre showcases brand history

“One of our core values is ‘doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do’  and so we are excited about the concept of trialling new electric ovens in Domino’s stores to monitor its results,” said Burness. 

Domino’s Hamilton also boasts the first global Domino’s Discovery Centre which displays memorabilia reflecting the pizza brand’s long history.

The brand began in Ypsilanti, Michigan 60 years ago. In Australia the story started with Silvio’s Dial-a-Pizza in 1993 to the merger and rebrand in 1995.