How four franchisors are empowering women

franchisors empowering women
Amber Manning, Richard Thame, Karen Bozic and Tim West.

At Craveable Brands, the gender pay gap is working in favour of women. The average total remuneration gender pay gap is -4.6 per cent. This indicates that women are currently paid, on average, more than men.  This contrasts to the industry average, which shows a 6.4 per cent pay gap in favour of men. 

Women comprise 52 per cent of the business, 63 per cent of key leadership roles and 40 per cent of the board – above the industry standard at 21 per cent.

Craveable recently increased its gender-neutral parental leave policy to 26 weeks which is eligible from the first day of employment. The business is recognised as a Family Inclusive Workplace and as a Great Place to Work in Australia.

Karen Bozic, CEO Craveable Brands, said “We are passionate about increasing the number of female franchise partners in our business as we know first-hand that women make great franchisees.

“We have implemented initiatives to help increase the number of female franchisees at Craveable Brands, including sharing female franchise partner stories across social media and in marketing as well as updating our imagery to reflect franchise partners with diverse backgrounds.”

CouriersPlease diversity initiative

Another business that is encouraging female franchisees is CouriersPlease. The courier firm also prides itself on a senior leadership team comprising 50 per cent women.

CouriersPlease’ diversity drive has seen a more skilled and diverse network of franchisees, comprising women, migrants, older and young Australians. 

CEO Richard Thame said “I am proud to lead initiatives that promote diversity within our business. So, the next time you see one of our female couriers out-and-about at work, consider if it irks with your stereotype or just seems nothing out of the ordinary. That’s what inclusion can foster – making the exception part of the norm.”

UBX top performance led by female franchisees

Tim West, co-founder of boxing fitness franchise UBX, points to the strong results women are achieving as franchisees.

“While it’s noteworthy that 37 per cent of our franchisees and managers are women, it’s particularly impressive to see that 70 per cent of our top-performing gyms are owned and led by women.

“This distinction highlights not just a step towards balance but a leap towards excellence in leadership within our network, emphasizing the profound impact women have when they step into roles of ownership and management in the fitness industry.”

West said “Boxing has traditionally been viewed through a narrow lens, but at UBX, we’re witnessing and contributing to its evolution beyond gender stereotypes. We’re creating a space where gender does not dictate one’s ability to succeed or belong.

“While we celebrate our achievements, we understand the need for ongoing effort. We remain committed
to advancing inclusivity through boxing and strength training, supporting a diverse community in
breaking new ground.”

Just Cuts flexibility suits women

This International Women’s day Just Cuts is also celebrating the highly skilled stylists, entrepreneurial salon owners and talented team leaders who have built Australasia’s largest hairdressing network.

The very first Just Cuts franchisees were women, points out Just Cuts CEO Amber Manning.

“Just Cuts has been supporting women in growing their careers, skills, businesses and families for over three decades,” said Manning. “I’m grateful to be working together with them to embed even more flexibility into our model which we understand is so important for working women.

“I’m proud to be an employer who supports women returning to work after giving birth, which I have benefited from myself, and builds shifts around time with children and family commitments.”

Female leaders share their stories

Listen to Amber Manning talk about her passion for leadership and business here.

Kwik Kopy CEO Sonia Shwabsky, recently named the New South Wales Franchise Woman of the Year by the Franchise Council of Australia, talks about the values of a family firm, and how she has fine-tuned her leadership skills. Listen here.

Supporting women 365 days

Inside Retail, a sibling Octomedia publication to Franchise Executives, has launched #IRWD365 (Inside Retail’s Women’s Day 365). This is a year-round campaign with a simple yet powerful goal: to maintain a continual conversation about women in retail.

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