Joy In Movement combines AI and infrared heat for unique fitness concept

Joy Movement unique fitness
The new concept is fitness in a dark studio, no mirrors (Source:

There is a brand new Australian fitness franchise concept on the scene. Joy In Movement is pioneering fully automated, infrared fitness studios.

Joy in Movement (J.I.M) has opened three locations, sold seven further sites, and has 15 territories reserved. 

Personal trainer Jarad Hobbs founded J.I.M with the goal of creating a tech-driven, easily-replicable fitness business.

“I really just wanted to redefine the gym experience to get more people moving, and it just made sense to combine infrared heat with workouts,” he said.

Franchise Executives asked Jarad Hobbs about the unique Joy in Movement fitness concept.

FE: Why does this particular fitness combo work?

JH: There are a few reasons. First, the foundation of J.I.M is based on yoga, Pilates and functional training, which are tried and tested training methods.

We all know the benefits of getting a good “sweat on” when we work out. Being warm when you train can help reduce your risk of injuries, while also helping you get more mobile and flexible. You can also train for a shorter amount of time to get the same benefits. 

Training in a 37-degree infrared room however has many more benefits than just training in a hot room. Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit radiant heat that is absorbed directly by the body. Having the heat radiate in this way helps to improve circulation, and promotes better oxygen delivery, detoxification, pain relief and more.

FE: Who is the target market?

JH: The first group is time-poor, as classes only run for 30 minutes. The other is for people who enjoy an experience. JIM is an avatar who comes on screen and shows members the exercises.

A J.I.M class is done in a dark room with ambient lighting and fun music, while allowing you to zone out and focus on yourself rather than worrying about who is around you.

It predominately is a membership model, however there are drop-in passes available.

FE: What is going to take this beyond novelty status and give this concept longevity?

JH: J.I.M workouts are based around the yoga and Pilates foundations which are some of the most popular and successful classes. 

FE: Why would someone invest in this when there are so many established options?

JH: For franchisees, as J.I.M is fully automated, you don’t need personal trainers, just a receptionist, so there are low overheads.

As the workouts are only 30 minutes, you can get more people through the doors by holding more sessions. We have highly experienced trainers creating new workouts all the time. 

Finding real estate is often the challenge with fitness studios, as they usually require a bigger space.  You can also set up a J.I.M in any space from 50 sqm to 200 sqm.