New Canstar Blue survey reveals the numbers behind our love for pizza


Canstar Blue has released its latest survey on pizza stores customer satisfaction and preferences, which outlines the popular pizzerias and their services as rated by consumers.

There are a few drivers of customer satisfaction such as taste of pizza, value for money, service when ordering, delivery speed and menu variety.

In the survey 34 percent of respondents value the taste of pizza, 26 percent are concerned with value for money and 13 percent care for service when ordering and at delivery time.

Head of Canstar Blue Megan Doyle said that while everyone wants a great deal, it’s the taste of pizza that’ll keep them coming back.

“Everyone wants to get a great deal, but for most consumers it’s the taste of pizza that keeps them coming back for more.

“The pizza store that can cook up the perfect balance of fresh ideas and great-tasting pizzas – at an affordable price – will be onto a winner. Even slow delivery time could be forgiven if your overriding memory at the end of the night is delicious pizza,” Doyle said.

Most people are ordering their pizzas online nowadays and today’s e-order numbers speak volumes for this shift: 36 percent of people said they always order online, and 22 percent do so via apps.

The survey also revealed some insights into which pizza chains people gravitate towards depending on what – or how much – we’re hungry for.

Pizza-lovers looking for cheap deals and quantity over quality were drawn to Pizza Hut more than anywhere else, while those who ordered from Eagle Boys were most likely to include extra sides.

Consumers who favour gourmet options were most likely to order from Pizza Capers.

Eagle Boys and Dominos rated high for their special offers, whereas Pizza Capers and Crust earned five stars for taste and menu variety.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality, premium pizzas – and Pizza Capers is leading this pizza evolution. Congratulations to Pizza Capers for another outstanding result. To top the table for five straight years is a phenomenal achievement,” Doyle said.