NightOwl campaign rallies community to raise funds for sick kids

NightOwl fundraise sick kids
Funds raised help kids like Sebastian, with his parents Sam and Crystal. (Source: Supplied)

NightOwl’s OwlGood fundraising campaign is calling on local communities to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation’s work with sick kids.

In 2022, NightOwl customers raised $36,826 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation with the inaugural OwlGood fundraising campaign.  

The second year of a fundraising campaign aims to help kids like five-year-old Sebastian Leonardi from Cairns. Sebastian was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer (juvenile  pilocytic astrocytoma) at just two years old.

He and his parents, Crystal and Sam, have spent the past three years in a blur of emergency admissions, surgeries, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy.

NightOwl fundraises for sick kids

Recently, Sebastian returned to Cairns for 68 rounds of chemotherapy. His most recent scan reveals that his tumour is stable.  

Crystal said “It has been such a long road to get him to this point, and we hope he will be well enough to start school  soon and enjoy learning and socialising, like all five year old’s should.”

Customers across NightOwl’s 84 stores can support the Children’s Hospital Foundation by purchasing a $2 wall token at check-out.  

The NightOwl wall token campaign will help provide cutting-edge equipment, vital research and on the ground support for families.  

Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO, Lyndsey Rice said “Each breakthrough in research, purchase of a new piece of equipment or load eased by our team at the  hospital – that is because of the generosity of partners like NightOwl who allow us to continue to invest into  the health and wellbeing of children and young people.  

“A $2 donation on check-out can make a huge impact for sick kids and we are incredibly humbled to have the support of the NightOwl community once again in 2023,” Rice added. 

The campaign runs in the 84 NightOwl stores across Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia until 17 October 2023.