NightOwl raises $36,826 for sick kids

NightOwl raises $36826
Patrick Fleming has had regular hospital visits since he was six months old. (Source: Supplied)

NightOwl’s inaugural OwlGood fundraising campaign has raised $36,826 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Customers donated small change at NightOwl’s 80 stores in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

The funds raised from this first of its kind partnership will help the Children’s Hospital Foundation support kids like six-year-old Patrick Fleming, who was born with multiple joint deformities.

Patrick has travelled to Brisbane every three months for torso plaster castings and surgical procedures since he was a baby. The family temporarily relocated to Brisbane from the Northern Territory in January 2021 so Patrick could undergo further spinal procedures.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation proved a lifeline for the family who turned to the charity for support.

NightOwl raises $36,826 thanks to local communities

NightOwl Convenience national marketing manager, Glenys Tristram, said the business is passionate about supporting and adding value to local communities.

“We are so thankful to each and every customer who donated across the last few months and allowed us to live up to this value – we look forward to continuing to build the legacy of OwlGood well into the future,” she said.

Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO, Lyndsey Rice, said NightOwl’s fundraising initiative will help change the lives of kids in hospital.

“Each breakthrough in research, investment into new equipment or day brightened by our patient and family support team – that is because of the support of our partners like NightOwl who allow us to continue to help sick and injured kids get better,” Rice said.

NightOwl’s fundraising helps change children’s lives

“We are thrilled to receive this generous donation from the NightOwl community and know the funds will make a huge difference for sick kids like Patrick both today and into the future,” Rice said.

NightOwl’s partnership with the Children’s Hospital Foundation was a first for the convenience retail chain. The Foundation supports sick and injured kids through funding life-saving medical research and investing in vital new equipment. The not-for-profit also provides support and entertainment for children and their families.