Place Estate Agents ramps up growth, targets 19 new offices

Place Estate Agents growth
The partners at Place Estate Agents have identified new markets around Brisbane. (Source:

Place Estate Agents’ growth is about to ramp up as the Brisbane-focused agency looks to double its footprint.

The leadership team has identified 19 key new markets to add to its current 18 offices and a projects division. Over the next eight years the agency plans to add offices in areas including Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Moreton Bay.

Place Estate Agents CEO Damian Hackett said the business has spent 22 years “investing, redefining and perfecting a unique business model”.

“Now we are ready to responsibly scale and partner with exceptional people,” he said.

Place Estate Agents growth supported by tech

Place HQ handles all aspects of real estate transactions, leaving agents free to engage in face-to-face client interactions and negotiations.

Hackett said “Our centralised platform Place HQ empowers our business owners to focus on their expertise in listing and selling real estate and growing and mentoring their team.”

The agency aims to enable real estate business owners to prioritise revenue generation and team growth, he said.

“At Place we foster a learn-it-all culture and provide tailored leadership training programs to support our partners throughout their business journey.”