The five habits of successful people post Covid

habits successful people post Covid
What does post-Covid success look like for us? Image Bigstock.

The secret to success is perhaps that there is no secret. Observation of successful people can give some insight as to what differentiates them from the crowd since their habits are on display for all to see.

Post-Covid everyone who will survive in business will have acquired some facets of the skills listed below. Failure to adapt may well lead to another Covid business fatality. However they are acquired, these habits are highly rewarding in careers or business. Let’s look at the five key habits of successful people:


Successful people are notoriously capable of discussing a wide range of subjects. This is the end result of innate curiosity. What could arouse curiosity more than the post and/or living with Covid discussion?

Overwhelming changes in all facets of society necessitate that a person will need to enquire as to what opportunities have been created and how their current or potential business will be affected. Once interest is aroused, successful people launch into an obsessive burst of activity researching everything they can about their newfound interest.

With Covid, the doors were put in front of us and slammed wide open to an unknown future. Only the very alert and curious will survive.


Successful people will be charming. To some, charm appears to come naturally whilst with others it is more like a manner turned on to meet the occasion. Charm, when applied professionally, includes a lot of interested listening.

Post-Covid is an era of stress-filled excitement. Interestingly the more things change the more they will stay the same. Active listening has never been more rewarding as all the new ideas on how to survive post-Covid will be talked about by people looking for a comforting audience. Listening to learn is often the essence of charm.


Sometimes to a fault, these high achievers readily see opportunity when others are more circumspect.

Optimists live by the saying “when the going gets tough the tough get going”. No seeking safe places for the successful, they will break out at the earliest opportunity with a new or revised business opportunity.

As surely as the greatest strength is the greatest weakness the reverse can also apply when they fail. The glass was empty and they crash. Of course true to form after any crash they see it all as a learning experience and bounce right back. This habit may be natural or learnt.


Fight or flight is triggered by a crisis. Covid triggered the first stage of fight or flight being the alarm stage. The second stage is resistance, this is where the successful folks flourish. Total commitment to surviving.

Successful people are totally committed by habit. Work-life balance is not a concept to which they can relate. Work is life and life is work. The downside of this situation is that to compete with a successful person you will need to be so committed that it is a habit.


Hearing an idea being discussed such that it becomes a desire or maybe even a dream is the sure sign of a successful person leading the discussion. You may feel that they could sell ice cream to Eskimos. Be ready, this person is not only successful but deep down they are a dreamer. Dreamers make great storytellers and salespeople inevitably are telling a story to make a sale.

To be described as a curious, charming, optimistic and committed dreamer is a torturous way of saying successful. However, whilst the above habits are on display by successful people there is no fixed formula for success. The question being begged would have to be, could I be successful? Many of us could be if we were just a tiny bit braver. I wish you that bravery.

This article was first published on sibling site Inside Small Business.