Wizard Pharmacy Services merger will deliver complete franchise operating model

Wizard Pharmacy Services merger
Wizard Pharmacy CEO Lyndon Dyson (Source: wizardpharmacy.com.au)

Western Australian-based Wizard Pharmacy Services, the business services Razor Group, IT specialist Razor Technology and health services information provider HealthPoint Digital have merged. The new entity, Wizard Professional Services, will operate its suite of business solutions nationally.

Wizard Pharmacy Services is the company behind the pharmacy brand Wizard Pharmacy, which has more than 40 pharmacies across Western Australia and Northern Territory.

The newly-created Wizard Professional Services will combine forces to create a comprehensive suite of business services such as IT solutions, bookkeeping, workforce management, business intelligence and a complete pharmacy franchise operating model.

Wizard Professional Services CEO Lyndon Dyson said “This merger will allow us to become more streamlined across our different business offerings, resulting in greater efficiencies which will directly result in better outcomes for our clients across a variety of different sectors Australia-wide.

“Our clients will continue to receive the same high-quality service which they have come to know and expect, and we look forward to introducing more business owners to our innovative business solutions,” said Dyson.