ASBFEO names 20Volts fitness chain for failing to mediate

ASBFEO names 20Volts

Fitness business 20Volts is in the spotlight after being named for failing to mediate with another small business.

Bruce Bilson, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, ASBFEO, has taken the unusual step of naming the recalcitrant brand.

According to ASBFEO 20Volts has failed to follow the ombudsman’s recommendation that it should engage in dispute resolution.

ASBFEO has the power to provide alternative mediation services which can help companies avoid costly legal fees from an escalating dispute.

ASBFEO names 20Volts

The notice advises other parties that 20Volts chose not to engage with the Ombudsman or the small business owner.

“Despite my recommendation and the willingness of the small business owner to engage, 20Volts refused to participate,” ombudsman Bruce Billson said.

“Businesses involved with 20Volts are warned of this poor practice and the potential for 20Volts to repeat this behaviour in future disputes,” he added.

The fitness chain has four outlets operating personal training sessions using electro magnetic stimulation.