Baskin-Robbins partners with Swoop to fuel future growth

Baskin-Robbins’ new strategic partnership with Swoop Funding aims to support the company’s Franchise Partners’ profitability.

“Liquidity in the business cycle is a critical aspect of driving revenue, profitability and growth for my Franchise Partners,” said Gaurav Sharma, Head of Finance – Palm Oasis Ventures for Baskin-Robbins, Australia. “Vagaries in business conditions and future growth initiatives make it cogent to have an efficient cashflow management structure for both times of surplus and shortage. This partnership is one of the many long awaited, fundamental and necessary steps for increasing the pace of growth.”

Access to finance

Swoop Funding provides access to a range of funding opportunities across loans, equity and grants. New and existing Baskin-Robbins owners will have access to financing solutions from a network of direct lenders pre-selected by Swoop. Working capital solutions include invoice financing to help them increase their payable cycles and accelerate their receivables which, in turn, will support improved cash flows and help optimise their business growth.

The partnership will also fuel the ice-cream brand’s growth trajectory.

“Swoop’s latest partnership ties in with our commitment to helping SMEs in Australia enhance their business performance,” said Scott Weddle, Swoop’s Head of Commercial Operations. “By offering working capital solutions suited to the needs of individual franchisees, we hope to ensure these businesses are set up for success and on the path to revival post COVID-19. Swoop understands no two businesses are the same, so we look at every deal case by case and offer tailor made solutions to achieve long-term benefits for the business owner.”