Battery World franchisee’s recycling initiative saves 50 tonnes of car batteries from landfill

The pair won the Battery World Community Involvement award for 2022. (Source: Supplied)

A recycling initiative launched by Battery World Ipswich has saved more than 50 tonnes worth of car batteries from landfill annually over the past 14 years. 

Battery World Ipswich franchise partner Ruthie Farrar, her husband Howdie, have been battling the war on waste since 2009.

“We take immense pride in our community, and we work hard to keep it clean and safe for future generations,” said Ruthie.

The mammoth fundraising effort has earned them more than $350,000 through the recycling program. Most of the money earned has been used to support more than 15 local community groups.

“When we initiated the program 14 years ago, it was driven purely by our love for the community. We never anticipated it being such a tremendous success,” Ruthie said.

The franchise raised more than $5,000 to assist a family whose house had been severely damaged. 

“Witnessing the sheer gratitude on the faces of the family when we presented them with the funds was truly priceless.

“We look forward to continuing supporting and powering the passions of the local community for many more years to come,” Ruthie said. 

Last year the Ipswich and Toowoomba franchisees won two Battery World awards: the multi franchisee award, and the community involvement award.