Boost Juice pulls ad campaign

Boost Juice has responded to social media criticism of a marketing campaign, removing the ads after suggestions of cultural insensitivity.

The fruit juice chain’s Summer Warrior campaign featured a man and a woman in body paint and adorned with fruit. The franchisor has told Australian broadcaster National Indigenous Television the campaign did not reference Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultures.

However some public comment saw cultural appropriation in the video.

Boost Juice published an apology on Facebook.






But the issue was far from one-sided, with many Facebook comments questioning the interpretation of cultural insensitivity and the franchisor’s action.

Comments included:

Ebony Puru I think it’s self centred that people are offended on behalf of a culture that isn’t offended. Who do they think they are to speak for somebody else? Seriously, I’m Maori and we love seeing this stuff because it opens a conversation to talk about our heritage.

Vincent Bowyer Yeah might not buy from boost anymore because of their political correctness

Nathan Birb That’s silly. So advertising campaigns can’t be creative? 

It’s a fruit warrior, a fictional character created and most likely inspired from different real cultures.

However some praised the chain’s decision to end the campaign.

Elizabeth King I’m glad. Cultural appropriation in advertising and other forms of media needs to be addressed. Thank you for withdrawing this campaign, Boost.