Carpet Court revamps website, celebrates 50 years in business

Carpet Court revamped website
A series of new tech tools help the customer filter product choices. (Source: Supplied)

Carpet Court has revealed its newly revamped website as part of its strategy to provide a seamless and engaging digital experience for its customers.

The transformation reflects the shift in consumer behaviour and comes as the flooring, carpet and window furnishings retailer celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Kara Norris, chief marketing officer at Carpet Court, said “The pandemic has reshaped the retail landscape, and we understood the urgency of adapting to the changing needs and expectations of our customers.

“By transforming our website, we aimed to offer our customers a virtual storefront that seamlessly connects them to our physical stores, providing a holistic shopping experience that blends the convenience of online browsing with the joy of in-store visits.”

Revamped website includes new technology

The revamped website incorporates myriad new features and functionalities scheduled for roll-out over 2023-24.

Carpet Court has introduced an immersive high-quality 3D scanning technology, a “Shop the Room” feature and a visualiser tool.

Norris told Franchise Executives the 3D scanner reproduces swatch colours and textures that are true to life.

“You can almost feel the texture through the screen, it’s quite amazing. The customer has the ability to virtually touch and feel.”

Customers can use the Shop the Room feature to explore a series of curated spaces that showcase products from various categories, a tool that encourages cross-category shopping.

The new Visualiser tool enables customers to select from the core carpet and hard flooring range and visualise how the products will look in their space.

Improving website engagement on revamped website

Carpet Court is also introducing an improved booking system for customer consultations.

The business will continue to develop the new site through to the end of this year. Additions include content that helps consumers with advice.

“We recently did marketing analysis that showed our website engagement is very strong across every market in Australia.”

Norris said a key metric of success is the time visitors are spending on the revamped Carpet Court website.

“We are interested in the quality of the traffic, not the volume. We like a returning user. This is a bigger ticket purchase and consumers take time to decide what to do with flooring.

“The website is the first port of call to narrow selections, and filter product according to the customer’s needs.”

Norris said franchisees appreciate the qualified lead.

“This is not someone just walking in, they understand more of what they want. It means the franchisee is ready to spend time with a customer.

“Our transformed website sets the stage for continued success and expansion, allowing us to
thrive in an ever-evolving retail landscape,” said Norris.

Earlier in the month of July, Carpet Court also launched a marketing plan for the 50th anniversary. The centerpiece is a 60- second film featuring a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective.

The campaign includes cutdowns, radio ads, and is backed by a media strategy by Nunn
Media and extensions via PR and social media by Communicado.

This article has been updated to correct errors. Carpet Court retails hard and soft flooring, window furnishings and carpet, not tiles. The booking system has not yet been introduced.