Domino’s new technology roll out, Denmark booms

Domino's new technology roll out, Danish growth booms
Domino’s new technology roll out, Danish growth booms

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO, Nick Knight has revealed that the Domino’s new technology innovation, Pizza Checker will be rolled-out network-wide next week.

The camera that sits above the store bench, streaming video to check pizzas are sent to customers has been implemented in 670 stores already.

The Australian chief told investors at a Domino’s CEO webcast on Wednesday that while operational standards had improved, there was still “more work to be done” prior to launch.

Domino’s new technology innovation announcement comes as the brand strengthens its overall quality scores, under a function of the new Operations 360 strategy.

Operations 360

As part of the strategy, Domino’s in-field business consultants have been using data to improve coaching and store performance.

Operations 360 also sees Domino’s continue its buy-back of franchisee stores.

According to reports, underperforming outlets are taken over by head-office in the short term before being resold to incoming franchisees.

Knight acknowledged that Domino’s is now operating a larger number of corporate stores than at that the HY results, with that number predicted to rise.

While the growth was expected, no official figure was revealed. Instead, investors will have to wait until Domino’s Australian results are handed down in July to see how this has impacted sales.

Domino’s European growth

The CEO webcast comes just two months after Domino’s acquired the rights to operate the global brand in Denmark.

Also speaking at the investor meeting, the group’s European head of operations, Andrew Rennie outlined the Danish strategy moving forward.

Rennie said Domino’s growth in Denmark would be slow, however suggested that the acquisition had helped the chain to link with existing chains in France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

The group revealed an opening target of 10 to 15 stores for Denmark this calendar year, however reiterated that much of the focus would be on transfer, negotiation of leases and assessment of equipment and facilities.

It may prove to be an extensive undertaking. Domino’s was able to snap up the investment for just $4m, after the chain collapsed due to poor hygiene and health standards.

Rennie confirmed that management was implementing initiatives to increase the pace of building-out existing markets, particularly through internal franchisees.

Hallo Pizza conversion

The European also confirmed that the group’s conversion of recent acquisition Hallo Pizza was now complete

More than 126 stores in Germany had been rebranded, bring the country’s network to 320 stores.

Rennie said the conversions had occurred at a faster pace and higher volume that originally planned, escalating organic store growth and building a solid pipeline for next year.

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