Female franchisors bring their A-game to business

Just Cuts CEO Amber Manning and Kwik Kopy CEO Sonia Shwabsky.

Just Cuts boss Amber Manning and Kwik Kopy’s Sonia Shwabsky are fired up about their business plans.

In 2022 Inside Franchise Business and Franchise Executives editor Sarah Stowe spoke with both these leaders for the Spill the Biz podcast series.

Kwik Kopy’s Sonia Shwabsky

It was a trip to Nicaragua that set Sonia Shwabsky on a new path. The corporate executive turned franchisee embraced discovered an entrepreneurial approach to business and tapped into her altruistic side.

Today Shwabsky heads up the Australian Kwik Kopy print business and brings all her experiences to bear on her leadership style.

In this podcast she reveals her business ethos. She talks about unlocking people’s potential, the values of a family firm and the influence of Dale Carnegie.

Just Cut’s Amber Manning

Amber Manning is CEO of the hairdressing chain but when she started out sweeping the floor in a hairdressers her goals were travel, not business. However, studying IT proved to be a catalyst for new opportunities and Amber became Australia’s youngest financial services franchisee.

In this podcast she shares what it takes to sustain a niche business and what she believes creates the brand’s success.

Amber also suggests how today’s entrepreneurs can make their mark.