Grill’d burger trial adds seaweed to cattle diet

Grill'd seaweed trial
Cheeky mockumentary video helps promote the Grill’d seaweed trial and burger (Source: Supplied)

Healthy burger restaurant chain Grill’d is taking sustainability to a new level. The casual dining chain has introduced a Gamechanger beef pattie produced from seaweed-fed cattle.

Grill’d is getting grass-fed cows to chow down on Tasmanian seaweed in a world-first trial. It is seeing cattle methane emissions reduced by up to 67 per cent. Ongoing live trials are targeting a 90 per cent reduction.  

The initiative is in partnership with commercial seaweed cultivator Sea Forest and validated by the University of New England NSW.

Rocky De Nys, chief scientific officer of Sea Forest said asparagopsis is a seaweed native to Tasmania which has properties that reduce methane in cattle.

Grill’d seaweed trial creates low methane product

“It’s great to see a direct-to-consumer product that Sea Forest is contributing to where consumers can make a real difference themselves,” he said.

Grill’d has launched its Gamechanger beef burger in 61 restaurants Australia-wide. Customers can upgrade any burger for an extra dollar. 

Grill’d founder Simon Crowe said “We’re really excited to see Gamechanger beef come to life. This is the future of beef – and we won’t stop at 61 restaurants. But for now, and for only an extra buck, guests can help the planet by choosing a low methane product.”

Grill’d has released a tongue-in-cheek ‘mockumentary’ to spread the word.

Progressive and sustainable farming

Crowe hopes the trial will pave the way for the beef industry to help smash the Federal Government’s goal of reducing methane emissions by 30 per cent by 2030.

One of the brand’s core areas of focus is progressive and sustainable farming. Its burger patty production facility and 61 restaurants purchase 100 per cent Green Power to support renewable energy regeneration.

The chain uses RSPCA approved chicken, free-range eggs, buns baked daily with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives all sourced from local suppliers.