Jax Tyres & Auto surges ahead with renewable energy rollout

Jax renewable energy rollout
RACV Solar CEO, Andy McCarthy, and Jax Tyres & Auto CEO, Steve Grossrieder. (Source: Supplied)

Jax Tyres & Auto is rolling out a new renewable energy initiative which will equip up to 70 per cent of stores with solar panels and EV charging stations.

The Jax Future Fit program will deliver reliable and sustainable power to franchises and reduce their power costs and carbon footprint.

In a partnership with RACV Solar, Jax will offer franchisees solar panel installations at a commercial rate. For those franchisees who take up the offer, head office will cover the cost of installing electric vehicle charging stations.

National renewable energy rollout underway

Jax expects to upgrade 30 per cent of its national network of stores by the end of 2023.

Stores need the appropriate on-premises capabilities. Jax Tyres & Auto Clyde North is the first store to benefit from the solar installation this year. It has the potential to reduce annual COemissions by up to 27.3 tonnes.

Steve Grossrieder, CEO at JAX Tyres & Auto said “Renewable energy, and solar in particular, are set to play a significant part in our commitment to helping franchisees reduce the carbon footprint of their businesses, while placing them in a financially stronger position for the long-term. 

“We know our franchisees believe in sustainability and place it high on the agenda as do their customers. We look forward to working with as many of them as we can in 2023 to power our JAX Future Fit strategy.”

In addition to solar panels and EV chargers, Jax is introducing a new generation of EV tyres in April.

Jax Tyres & Auto began in 1949 and today operates a national network of more than 90 stores. It serves more than 60,000 customers a month.