Jim’s Group launches beauty division

Jim's Beauty
The latest division in the mega group. (Source: Supplied)

The ubiquitous Jim’s brand has announced a new division will join its diverse group: Jim’s beauty.

Divisional franchisor Ming Zhang told Franchise Executives the new business offers three different models.

Jim’s Beauty can be a mobile business, a studio, or a branded beauty salon.

A Jim’s beauty branding beauty salon allows the franchisee to cater not only for walk-in customers, but to extend the service to a mobile operation.

“All franchisees will need to have relevant certification before they can join in Jim’s Beauty team,” said Zhang.

The business is expected to provide a full service of beauty services such as facial and skin treatments, lash extensions, eyebrow treatments, waxing, bridal packages, hair, teeth whitening and nail treatments.

Zhang joined the Jim’s group as a cleaning franchisee about three years ago.

“Around one a half years later I became a regional franchisor of Jim’s Laundry. I manage Brisbane and Gold Coast, and am still on the role. 

“I started the new division of Jim’s Beauty from 1 November 2023,” Zhang told Franchise Executives.

The new division is born from personal experience. Zhang spotted the potential after searching with a friend looking to buy a salon business and finding the costs too high.

“We can provide a good opportunity for qualified beauticians who do not have big investment funding and want to become business owners,” she said.

The Jim’s Group, which started from a mowing business in 1979, now has nearly 50 different industries represented in its franchise business.

This article has been updated to include further comment.