Priceline stores found trading in fake product

Priceline launches health insurance
Priceline launches health insurance

Pharmacy chain Priceline has suffered reputational fallout after fake beauty products were discovered to be sold from four of the group’s Sydney outlets.

The chain has instituted a recall on the product – branded “The Ordinary” – which had been sourced “from an unauthorised and invalid source,” according to a message posted by the firm on social media to warn customers.

“Priceline is proud to stock ‘The Ordinary’ and Priceline head office has not and would never authorise such activity,” read Priceline’s message to purchasers.

“On notification to us, we directed the stores to immediately remove all invalid products and are taking all actions necessary to ensure no further invalid products are made available. We have also commenced an investigation.”

The message contained a list of other potentially counterfeit products that may have been distributed at the stores.

Statements online by disgruntled customers revealed broad dissatisfaction with the matter.

“That is disgraceful and really dangerous – surely this constitutes a violation of the franchise agreement?” said one woman quoted in Sunshine Coast Daily.

“I have a lot of trust in Priceline stocking authentic products and this is concerning to me as a frequent customer.”

Affected customers will be awarded a full refund by the firm.

Comment is being sought from Priceline.

Author: Michael Arnold. This article was first published on Inside Retail, a sibling website to Inside Franchise Business Executive.