San Churro snaps up 5-stars for franchise performance

San Churro 5-star franchise
The hospitality chain has achieved a top rating. (Source: Supplied)

Chocolateria San Churro is the latest Aussie business to receive the highest rating for its franchise performance.

The Australian Franchise Rating Scale has given the chocolate hospitality chain five stars. In 2020 San Churro was assessed as a 4-star franchise system.

Since the scale was introduced by business intelligence firm FRANdata Australia in 2019 fewer than 30 Australian franchise systems have achieved the top rating.

Financial systems impressed

The business demonstrated a very high level of transparency and franchisee performance.

FRANdata’s Australian CEO Darryn McAuliffe praised the financial aspects of the business.

“The systems and processes in the San Churro network are of a very high standard and the quality of supporting information provided reflected best practice across most categories,” he said.

The financial reporting framework, the financial performance of franchisees and their support model impressed the review team.

“These results were also validated by the responses of franchisees in their latest external engagement and satisfaction report,” he said.

San Churro’s CEO Kerri Wane said “This independent, external 5-star rating from FRANdata recognises that our system at San Churro has been able to deliver consistent, replicable high-performance outcomes over time.

“Great franchise systems are built on the foundation of franchise partner success. This remains front and centre in our values, strategy and actions at San Churro.”

Wane said “Underpinning every high-performance network is a world-class team. We are in great shape in this space thanks to our passionate franchise partners and support office team. We are building strong momentum and I could not be prouder to be on the journey with them.”

The Australian Franchise Registry records the rating assessment outcomes from the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.